101: The Value of Time

Spend your time well before you go.

– Coheed and Cambria, The Running Free 

I am in many ways a carbon copy of my grandfather. We look, act, and think similarly. We often draw many of the same conclusions about life and people.

We were riding in his truck one day when he asked me, ever testing, “what’s the most valuable thing you can give someone?”

“Your time,” I replied instantly.

My grandfather nodded. Of course that was the right answer, though he maybe suspected I would say something different. He proceeded to carry on with whatever point he was trying to make.

I have always valued time preciously, certainly more than money. It’s not a view most people share, and that’s always baffled me.

My current job is horribly wasteful with time. I do so much pointless sitting-around that I started writing on here again if only as an alternative to scrolling through Twitter. At least in writing, I’m apt to improve with every paragraph logged, if not learn more about myself or push others to alternate or deeper thinking.

I watch my co-workers, and they are so eager to milk the clock. I have one foot out the door the minute before my shift ends, but most of my co-workers will gladly sit around and get paid pennies in exchange for ever-dwindling strands of time. Their skin withers and their hairlines recede, and they gleefully yuk it up for a few extra hours on the company clock.

For this reason, I’ll probably never be employee of the week. I’m out the door like Calvin sprinting out of school the moment my shift is over.

It almost physically pains me to have my time wasted. I’ve written this a number of times, but my number one pet peeve, with a bullet, is standing in line. If I stand in line for more than 15 seconds at a grocery store, I’ll turn around and put things back on the shelf. That’s how valuable my time is to me.

My time is so valuable to me that if it’s a choice between my time and someone else’s, I’ll often waste theirs. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve left my friends waiting for me at a restaurant so I could do one more set at the gym or sleep 15 more minutes.

I’m not horribly rude or selfish in every respect. But when it comes to Time, I protect it like a diamond.

Maybe I saw Fight Club too often, too young in life. I am very aware of my own mortality. The knowledge that I’m eventually going to die rarely leaves the forefront of my mind. It’s too morbid for some, but it’s the truth, and if anything it only makes me grateful for each additional day.

You’ve gotta go to school or work, unless you’re some lucky endowment brat. But you need to constantly weigh professional concessions and obligations against the reality that your Time is finite.

This is a basic message, but one people put aside because they don’t like thinking about their own demise. For sure, you are going to die one day. Did you do things that made you happy or proud of yourself, or did you suffer in someone’s stead? Did you debase yourself, or would you be able to look back on most of your life with satisfaction?

My personality makes a lot of people uncomfortable or upset because I live with the understanding that I’m not going to live forever. I notice it everywhere, but perhaps no more so than in Dating.

Way too many of the women I’ve dated have lacked a proper appreciation of Time. They let hours or even entire days lapse under the delusion that Time is an endless bounty. They waste Time like it’s a currency – which it is – but too many of them tend to treat Time as something frivolous, when it’s obviously precious. It’s infuriating, and a deal-breaker.

I have the opposite problem. As soon as I determine that a person is wasting my time, I cut them out of my life. This leads to what most would see as erratic behavior, but that’s how much I respect Time. I am not going to waste a solitary minute on a person that takes value from my life unless I absolutely have to. It amazes me more people don’t look at things that way.

Respect Time, and it’s value. I’ve met a lot of people at the end of their lives who would very gratefully take on your bullshit problems in exchange for a few more weeks or months.

Use your time wisely. Maybe you don’t write, but maybe your draw or photograph or make music. Maybe you develop your body. Create. Read. Educate yourself. Live. Appreciate now. And don’t let the bastards take much of your time from you.

Lastly, spend your time well. This will roll into #102, but do some digging and figure out what will make you happy with yourself. It’s probably not the same thing that society or even your friends and loved ones believe will make you happy. Give details to your dreams, and then sprint at them.

Enjoy yourself. In most cases, its later than you think.



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